To get started on an off-road camper, trailer, or van build that supports your idea of the perfect vehicle-based expedition, or to learn more about our Basecamp 2.1 and teardrop trailer models, give us a call at Hower Overland today.

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About Us

About Us 

Hower Overland delivers the finest custom builds for everything from pickup trucks, flatbed trucks, and vans, to all other manner of off-road vehicles and SUVs. No matter your version of overland adventure or off-grid camping, Hower Overland combines flawless craftsmanship with extremely durable, lightweight materials in order to build and deliver the best off-road camper rigs possible. 


As a father and son team comprised of Colin, the young dreamer, and Bradley, his design-by-trade father, Hower Overland is the family-owned result of years of designing, building, field testing, and returning to the drawing board. Whether your overland dreams entail an off-road pop up camper or teardrop trailer, custom interior woodwork and cabinetry, or a custom van build, working with Hower Overland means turning your far-out ideas into tangible reality.


To learn more about what Hower Overland can do for you, check out our gallery of rugged pop-up campers and overland trailers (including our Basecamp 2.1 model, our stout version of the teardrop trailer, and our proprietary scissor-lift mechanism*), custom woodwork and fully customized van builds.


*(link to a separate page—see following page—that highlights, with images and text, the scissor-lift mechanism, as this is a key component of what sets Hower Overland apart from the competition)


Meet Colin

With a degree in Outdoor Education and Recreation, Colin spent most of his early twenties guiding rock climbing and whitewater kayaking excursions. It was during this time, when home base was the back of a Tacoma pickup, that Colin thought a lot about what an ideal overland vehicle might look like. 


With a pile of pop-up camper sketches, teardrop trailer layouts, and overland vehicle designs in hand, Colin eventually turned to his father for input and expertise in bringing his ideas to life.


Meet Bradley

A lifelong designer, woodworker, boat builder, and furniture maker, Bradley holds a degree in Fine Arts. While he has designed everything from technical graphics and vapor condensers, to intricate view cameras and dining tables, Bradley now enjoys working alongside his son, helping him translate his big ideas into buildable reality.

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